The Sir Syed College is a Post Graduate institution affiliated to the University of Kannur and run by the Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association. Muslim in kannur District generallyand Taliparamba Taluk particularly are educationally backward and the College was established mainly to cater to the educational needs of Muslims of this region. The college is named after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to prepetuate the memory of this Great leader who was the pioneeer of Muslim Educational Movement of India. The College satrted functioning as a Junior College in june, 1967. It is situated on a lovely hillock at Karimbam surrounded by an imposing panorama of nature. The calm and serence atmosphere is conductive to Physical, Intellectual and academic persuits. It is situated 3 KM East of taliparamba town and 25 KM North East of  Kannur Town. 

The College is open to students of all castes and creeds. It is secular in spirit and cosmopolitan in outlook. Hostel accommodation is provided for a good number of men and women students at moderate cost. There are regular bus services from various parts of the District to the College. 

The College has completed 29 years of its glorious existence. The College was upgraded in the academic year 1969-70 with degree classes in History, Commerce, Zoology & Mathematics.  B. Sc. Botony course was started from  the academic year 1974-75. B. A. Arabic was started from the academic year 1979-80. B.Sc. Chemistry and M. Com. were started in 1980-81. B. Sc. Statistics was started in the academic year 1981-82 and B. Sc. Physics was started in the academic year 1982-83. M. Sc. Botany course commenced from 1984-85. B. A. Economics has been started in 1993-94. 

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